Mission Statement


Amani Coffee Company is more than a business. We believe in building a company with a cause. We view coffee as a vehicle through which peace and societal change can spread. With Amani, every purchase is made more meaningful by creating a community of support for those in need through the Congo Restoration Effort, a non-profit organization.


Amani is the Swahili word meaning “peace.” We chose this name because it embodies our core value.  By working directly with coffee farmers, we aid Congolese families to live a more peaceful and prosperous life.


Why Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Social Recovery: Between 1998-2003, the 2nd Congo War took 5 million lives. There are no words for the pain and suffering endured by the people of DRC. 
  • Economic Recovery: Much of this conflict occurred in the areas where coffee is grown. Production fell from over 115,000 tons of coffee per year to just 6,000 tons. 
  • Humane Recovery: Those farmers who remained lost their land, crops, and means of providing for their families. In the years since, a combination of private donation and foreign aid has begun the restoration effort in DRC.
  • The Way Forward: As part of this restoration effort, Amani Coffee Company is proud to support the people of DRC in multiple ways.
    • We believe in sharing the success and growth of our business with the people who make it possible.
    • We know that our farmers survive on the wages earned from their crops. To help support our farmers, Amani Coffee Company pays more than fair wages for our coffee and we compensate our Congolese partners with equity ownership in our business.  

Coopade Co-Op

  • Located in North Kivu, high in the Kyondo Mountains along the National Virunga Park and Lake Edward, the Coopade Co-op consists of 2,127 smallholder farmers. Forty percent of them (850) are women.
  • Because of our partnership, these farmers can now provide an enhanced standard of living for their families.  


  • To further strengthen the people of DRC, Amani Coffee gives $1 from every bag to the Congo Restoration Effort, a non-profit organization that battles for social and economic justice in the DRC. Learn more